Edu Art Solutions

Edu Art Solutions LLP was incorporated by United Arts Society in December 2011 to invigorate art, artists and art facilitation in India. The company has deployed a well-researched and a structured art curriculum with a strong evaluation system based on the parameters of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) that is delivered by trained art facilitators spanning over all the major Verticals of Art(Music, Theatre, Dance, Basic Visual Arts, and Applied Visual Arts). Currently Edu Art Team offers extra-ordinary and well researched workshops & Camps to make our next generation of young thinkers a bit more flexible, creative and sensitive towards aesthetics.

A major challenge K12 schools in our country face today is the non-availability of a structured art curriculum unlike other subjects. To curb this problem, Edu Art Solutions offers to bring a paradigm shift to the way art education is perceived and establish that learning art makes a significant contribution in transforming a child into a more expressive and a happier individual.

To exhibit and enhance the present day scenario of art, artists and art facilitation in India, Edu Art Solutions runs solely for this purpose.

United Arts Society

United Arts Society is a non-government organisation initiated to empower art, artists and art education. It strives to make art available to all, so that the creative mind does not have to wait to hone the skills and the interest. UAS works to create a balance between the creative side and the logical side of the brain so that people can choose wisely as to where their true interest and passion lies.

It is the only organisation in the country that delivers to all the verticals of art, namely, Music, Dance, Theatre, Basic Visual Arts and Applied Visual Arts. This is what makes UAS unique and one-of a-kind. Schools and colleges today teach a limited number of art forms, each in its totality. UAS works a step ahead from that and first introduces a child to all the possibilities in the world of art to help them decide for themselves which art form interests him/her the most before going any deeper into a particular form.