Design And Fundas

Design and designing, a critical introduction

A workshop on Design of everyday things, Solving Everyday's Problems...

The ability to engage in creative thinking and more particularly the creative synthesising of ideas and problems through design thinking is the most important capability required to enter the future community of creators. Today its vital that our education helps students to construct this capacity to enter this unknown community of tomorrow's PROBLEM-SOLVERS.

This workshop aims at stimulating insights to design and designing today. It will explore how, where, why and when design operates in the 21st century, by allowing participants to stretch their abilities at QUESTIONING, CREATING, REFLECTING AND COMMUNICATING. The subtitle flags up that this workshop will provide a critical introduction because it seeks to develop participant's critical abilities to understand the interface between numerous disciplines, including art, technology, human-sciences and business.
The aim of this workshop is to sensitise participants to the basics of the design thinking and design process. A workshop specifically designed to engage children in fun and creative exercises, not without them understanding their importance in everyday life. This session will channel their creative and analytical energies towards small problems we face in our daily lives, empowering the children to believe that they are capable of identifying, understanding and solving everyday problems is the ultimate goal of this workshop.
The participants in this workshop will also embark on an enriching journey to explore the art of creating, marketing, understanding; public responses, people management and financial implications of any idea. By the end of the session, a dreamy idea will be prototyped and packaged in the self-created Idea Lab. Participants experience that innovation is real and immediate, and has power to improve the life around them. Also this gives them courage to see obstacles and think of converting them into opportunities. Making Children flexible to the changes of real world with creative processes of thinking, learning the art of selling and better approach towards design and aesthetics of the way things appear. The Deccan Herald on April 17th 2012 carried this article about our design workshop with the British Council, Bangalore.