Spotlight is a Children's theatre camp which allows them to act, direct, write, sing and perform on the big stage. Exploring abilities to face the audience, Spotlight encourages them to be confident and take part in the enjoyment of plays and skits.

Stage, Acting and Improvisations Workshop for a child to develop the personality and skills required to be able to handle public presence.

The word theatre can have various meanings to it and can bring about various discussions which can lead to millions of debates relating to its form, existence and methods. It is that form of art that to know its intricacies it needs to be felt tried upon. to self impose itself and to simply get destroyed with its inclusion. It's that gift of art which lets you travel to various places without moving an inch, it lets you sing without opening your mouth, it lets you dance with your hands and legs tied, and it lets you dream with your eyes wide open.

A great theatre artist once said “Stage should not be a part of theatre, it should be a part of your body, only then will you feel at home”. So make stage a part of your body and theatre and part of your life. Make acting not just a hobby, but a passion to be someone different every day. It's not important that you act, but it's important that you express.

Course length: 42hrs (3.5 months)
Age Group: 8yrs to 12yrs

Module 1


Engage & Excite, Runway to the Broadway, Fearless, Sensitivity & Aesthetics, Speech & Articulation, Rhythm & Dance, Communication, Enables Confidence, Partner Work and Co-ordination, Improvisation Skill, Body Language, Team Work, Personalised Attention, Observation & Focus, Basic Theatrical Skills and Techniques, Awareness to Various Production Departments, Appreciate, Skill & Personal Development, Visual thinking Skills, Public Presence, Fun, Games.


"Just wanted to thank you for putting such a wonderful show. The kids did so well that all of us have come back home as proud parents. From the ambience of the hall to the costumes, dialog delivery to the choosing of characters everything was really good. Thanks for bringing out the best in our kids."

"As parents it was extremely satisfying for us to see our child appreciate and participate in a theatre camp of such high standards. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the scripts and the level of comprehension of the children."

"We were taken aboard the bard's ship as the Shakespeare's Tempest was enacted with utmost proficiency and clarity of diction. Having had it as a part of the curriculum back in school, I can only say- hats off !! All the other performances too- skits, jigs, improv and genre twist were highly commendable and of class. The improv and the genre twist in particular were very innovative and left the audience in splits. I want to congratulate each and every child for the outstanding performance. Thank you Vineet and team for making this happen with your tireless efforts."